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Bunbury’s first rooftop bar opened in December 2020 to elevate the city’s wining and dining experience to a new level. 

We want to bring locals and visitors back to the heart of the city. We can see the potential in our beautiful city and we want to give people a reason to stay in town and create a place for locals and visitors to experience an atmosphere like nothing before seen in the city.

The contemporary industrial look of our Rooftop Bar is the crowning glory of Brooklyn32, allowing you to experience the coastal air and enjoy views of the Bunbury’s CBD and water inlet. Our Rooftop Bar provides a more relaxed space for summer vibes and easy beats.


Wander downstairs and you'll find an elegant lounge bar that sets the mood for the downtown Brooklyn inspired area that can be enjoyed all year round. The combination of unique textures and elements comes together to create a setting that draws on the culture and vibes of Brooklyn, New York. Underneath a stunning chandelier lies the booth area, an exclusive space offering table service to guests who appreciate a more intimate setting.

Our drink list delivers a comprehensive wine, beer, spirits, and cocktail menu with all of your favorite on offer. Our cocktail list will be updated seasonally with eight exclusive cocktails unique to Brooklyn32.

Beer and cider drinkers will also find something to tantalise their tastebuds. We want to support and showcase our local producers, with a growing number of local craft brewers and cider makers in the southwest, we hope to have something for everyone.

Our wine list will include some of the region's finest Geographe wine. Enlisting the knowledge of a local wine expert, the menu includes timeless classic varieties but also offers alternate varieties. 

We have not forgotten our whiskey drinkers on the menu either. Ample time and research has gone into developing the menu for those whiskey drinkers who know just how much wood barrels and distillery pedigrees matter.”